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Law of Vibration – The Universal Principle of Motion [Explained]

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”


Vibrations manifest on all planes of the Universe.

As proven by modern science, Matter is really vibrating energy.

However, the law of vibration extends beyond just the physical realm.

Ancient philosophers known as, The Hermetics, took this pattern of vibration to the next level more than 6000 years ago when they intuited that vibration not only exists on the Physical Plane but the Mental and Spiritual Planes as well.

Similar to the vibrational energy existing in atomic particles, so too do your mental states have corresponding frequencies of vibration.

With practice, an individual can learn to transmute low mental states into their opposite by polarizing their mind to higher rates of frequency.

In this article, we’ll further explain the Third Hermetic Principle of Vibration to understand how this immutable law can help you to better master your own reality.

How the Law of Vibration Works

In the law of mentalism it is explained that the Universe is defined by 3 Great Planes of existence; Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. 

However, each of these are simply arbitrary labels used to define an infinite spectrum of varying degrees of vibration. The difference between the Physical Plane and Spiritual is that of vibrational frequency.

By principle of polarity, there is low frequency, gross Matter, on one end of the scale, and infinite vibration of Absolute Spirit (THE ALL) on the other.

The infinite vibrations of THE ALL are so rapid that they seem as if they are at rest — similar to a fan whose blades blur into a single ring the faster they spin.

albert einsteins quote on life as energy

As mentioned previously, all Matter and Energy are but modes of vibration.

The Hermetics commonly use the example of hot and cold as a means of explaining the law of vibration to students.

The terms ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ are labels identifying different degrees of Heat, which is a measure of Kinetic Energy (moving energy).

Kinetic energy is the result of vibrations within the object’s molecules that cause the corpuscles to collide.

As you can see here, there truly is no such thing as ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ — each are but labels to define an infinite spectrum of one thing (vibration).

The other important thing to realize is that vibrational frequency also applies to circular motion. Look everywhere in the physical Universe and you’ll find countless examples of objects circulating one another — these are all manifestations of vibration.

Further, forms of Energy and Force (Light, Magnetism, Gravity, Electricity, etc.) all follow the laws of vibration.

Both modern science and Hermeticism believe these forms of Energy and Force are connected to and emanate from Universal substance called Ether.

The Ether is a substance of extreme tenuity and elasticity, pervading all Universal Space, and functions as a medium for translating wave energy such as Heat, Light, Radiation, Magnetism, etc.

entangled energy

Entangled Energy

Scientists have offered the illustration of a spinning cylinder/wheel to show the effects of increasing rates of vibration.

At low rates of speed, the object may be seen readily but no sound will be audible to the human ear.

As the cylinder’s rate of revolution increases, a low growl of noise will become noticeable to a bystander.

Continue to increase the rate of spin and the sound will ascend the musical scale until reaching a high pitched screech.

Eventually, the noise will fade as the sound reaches pitches imperceptible to the human ear.

Increase the rate further still and the object will begin to take on a dark red glow. The dark red will change to bright red, eventually melting into each shade of orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and eventually violet.

As with sound, the light energy too will disappear. However, light of a higher degree is still being emitted from the object.

The higher degrees of light ascend from Photographic to Gamma to X-Rays and beyond.

Magnetism and electricity then arise as speeds continue to increase.

Eventually, the atoms of the object and corpuscles begin to pull apart. Faster still, and the corpuscles themselves disintegrate. 

At this point in time, the object would cease to exist as Matter and could be regarded as Ethereal Substance.

It’s important to note that the object doesn’t resolve into Heat and Light energy as it increases vibration but simply emits these waves of energy.

The energy is entrapped within the atoms and corpuscles themselves. Put another way, all forms of energy are entangled in the Matter of the Physical Plane.

Where Science & Hermeticism Differs

Modern science confirms the law of vibration is real on the Physical Plane but this is where it stops.

However, Hermetics take it to the next level.

Hermeticism would argue that if you keep spinning the object it will continue to ascend degrees of vibration that manifest on the Mental and Spiritual Plans all the way up until it merges with THE ALL (Absolute Spirit).

For this reason, Hermetic Teachers are able to use the law of correspondence to infer behavior of the Mental and Spiritual realms.

How to Use the Law of Vibration

Hermeticism states that all manifestations of thought, reason, emotion, desire, and will correspond to particular vibrations.

Further, the vibrations of these mental states emanate from the object (your mind) and affects the physical world.

With practice, the student of Hermeticism can willfully recreate certain states of mind like a musician plucking the string of an instrument.

Polarize your mind with thoughts of a positive nature and the physical world will respond.

Feeling down?

Determine the exact emotion you’re feeling and flood your mind with thoughts of the opposite nature.

These thoughts/emotions can come from your own mind or induced from the external world. 

Just being around other people of the opposite nature of your existing mood will lift your own rate of vibration — the same applies for the other way around.

Mastery of mental polarization gives the disciple full control over their reality.

The process explained above is referred to as Mental Alchemy and is the basis for most new age concepts such as the law of attraction.

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