How the Law of Rhythm Controls Your Life

Rhythm is at the heart of nature — the tides rise and fall just as the seasons come and go.

It’s well accepted by now that Matter is simply Energy at a low rate of vibration. 

These vibrations take the form of a wave that oscillates between crest and trough. This very same pattern of oscillation can be found throughout all universal phenomena such as tides, seasons, and planetary orbits.

Most scientists would agree that rhythm exists in the physical world but ancient philosophers known as, The Hermetics, take this concept a bit further.

The 5th Hermetic Principle, The Law of Rhythm, states that there is a pendulum-like movement between two poles that manifests not only on the Physical but the Mental and Spiritual Planes as well.

This being the case, our thoughts, emotions, will, and desires also exhibit patterns of oscillation.

You may be able to verify in your own life how quickly moods can come and go like the passing of a storm.

All beings are subject to the ebb and flow of nature but certain masters of rhythm have been able to neutralize its effects on their own lives. Essentially, these individuals have managed to escape the predictable sway of mental states that most people are locked into — Hopefully, this article will help you to do the same.

Rhythm of The Universe

Hermetic teachers believe the Universe is a mental creation of THE ALL (God/Source). They liken the creative process of THE ALL to an artist.

Similar to how an artist loses himself within his own creation, THE ALL lowers its infinite vibration to that of unconscious Matter. This process involves an outpouring of material which science calls, The Big Bang.

However, the gross Matter that now composes the Universe begins an upward journey back into the infinite vibration of THE ALL. This is an evolutionary phase where the objects becomes more and more complex — atoms become elements, elements become chemicals, chemicals become organisms, organisms become animals, and animals become humans.

Consciousness re-emerges in the Universe and the THE ALL begins to remember itself.

As you may already have noticed, even the creation of the universe follows the law of rhythm. Humans therefore, and the rest of the Universe, are on one giant pendulum swing back into THE ALL.

Spiritual Law of Compensation

There is a duality in life where all things are composed of seemingly opposite poles, or states — without love, there is no hate, and without up, there is no down.

Life is both Love and Hate — both exist at the same time.

There is a constant oscillation between the two extremes that takes place on every level of existence.

Take, for example, the rise and fall of political movements.

In today’s western society, progressive movements are on the rise. These movements have spiked significantly in recent years due to the election of President Trump in the United States.

Trump represents an extreme so the other side reacts. 

Protests from extreme groups on the left (ANTIFA) counter the extreme representation of the right (Trump) and the cycle continues by the right reacting to the left’s reaction (The Proud Boys).

There is a never-ending cycle of action and reaction in every area of life! Further, the measure of the swing to the right is equal to the measure of the swing to the left.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Sir Isaac Newton

Nature is constantly rebalancing itself to homeostasis.

swaying pendulum

Nothing can be gained without something also being lost.

The man who is born rich gains pleasures of luxury but misses out on the opportunity to build certain character traits that a poor man is afforded.

Further, individuals can be born with temperaments that allow for low levels of enjoyment but equally low levels of suffering while others experience the opposite.

Plane of Consciousness

The Hermetic Philosophers taught that there are two planes of human consciousness; higher and lower.

It is said that unconscious behaviors function on the lower plane while consciousness exists on the higher.

Additionally, the law of rhythm affects the unconscious plane so in order to escape the rhythmic pendulum which manifests on the unconscious, a person must rise to the higher plane.

Neutralizing the Pendulum

By raising your consciousness you essentially allow unconscious cycles of behavior to pass under you.

This process neutralizes the negative-swing of the mental pendulum so that it is not manifested within consciousness itself. 

There is strong correspondence here between the teachings of Hermetics, modern psychology, and new-age spiritual practices such as awareness meditation.

Not only can the practiced student rise above the repeated cycles of moods and behavior but they can also polarize their minds towards the positive pole.

The student with proper understanding of mental states and their corresponding vibrations, can increase the vibrations of their mind to higher levels of conscious and escape the rhythms that most humans are stuck within.

Hermeticism encourages us to practice the art of mental transmutation by first becoming aware of our cycles of thought. Then, through awareness, consciously direct the mind towards desired states of being. Doing so, gives you access to higher planes of creation and will be a much more effective way of creating reality than doing so purely in the physical world.

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