The Law of Polarity: The Dual Nature of Our Universe (Explained)

the duality of inside vs. outside

Picture a square box.

Is it possible to have an inside without also having an outside?

No matter how you draw the parameter, inside and outside areas will always coexist.

Further, what we consider inside is only relative to the parameter of the square – delete the border and the inside will instantly merge with the outside… leaving nothing but blank space.

Duality of Life

The Universe behaves in a similar fashion.

Everything in the Universe has an equal and opposite part and each must exist at the same time.

However, this duality of life is only an illusion. Take away the arbitrary boundaries between labels and everything merges into one.

The parameter of the square is analogous to our subjective view of reality. As soon as reality is experienced through an individual’s senses, the lines of the parameter are drawn, the labels, inside and outside emerge, and everything becomes, once again, relative to the border of the square; duality emerges from the void of allness.

Although seemingly far-fetched, this law of duality continues to be proven through quantum mechanical theory and other fields of modern science.

Force, reaction; matter, anti-matter; positive charge, negative charge; something, nothing.

But, perhaps even more interesting than the science itself is the fact that these principles were known more than 6,000 years ago by ancient philosophers of Buddhism and Hermeticism. 

the law of polarity section header

What is the Law of Polarity? 

Specifically, the 4th principle of the Hermetic teachings is the law of polarity. The principle of polarity states that the Universe is composed of equal and opposite poles with infinite degrees between the two extremes.

Hermetic teachers commonly used the example of hot and cold to explain polarity to their students.

Hot and cold are two labels used to describe opposite extremes of varying degrees of heat energy.

Heat is a measure of kinetic (vibrational) energy within the atoms of a solid, liquid, or gas.

Objects we label ‘cold’ have ‘less heat’ and objects that are hot have ‘more heat’.

Within an instant, ‘cold’ goes from being a thing to describing a lack of a thing. The duality of hot and cold disappears and we’re left with a single, infinite spectrum of heat.

The graph below depicts the ends of this spectrum as two points, known as absolute cold and absolute hot. 

However, in reality, there are no end-points because the line extends infinitely in both directions. On an infinite line, the endpoints and center line disappear and the terms ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ lose their meanings.

Another example of this happening is with east and west. Travel east long enough and eventually you’ll end up in the west. 

Everything is relative to the observer. Remove the observer and the labels disappear. 

Based on the law of correspondence, polarity also applies to the mental and spiritual planes of existence.

Hate and Love are generally regarded as being diametrically opposed; completely opposite and unrelated. But we apply the principle of polarity and see that each are merely terms we use to label opposite poles of the same thing. Courage and Fear fall under the same rule.

Mental Transmutation

Pairs of opposites exists everywhere at all times. It is this very knowledge that allowed ancient Hermeticists to transmute one mental state to another along the lines of polarization.

The Hermetics discovered that a negative mental state could be transmuted into a more positive state by placing negative thoughts in close contact with their opposite.

Students of Hermeticism were taught the art of mental alchemy in which the student would consciously summon mental states to polarize the mind towards states of the opposite nature.

Not only can the student willfully produce states of mind for themselves but that mental energy affects everything else in close proximity to it.

The skillful student knows how to diagnose negative mental states in any situation and purposefully inject his mind with the positive pole. This allows him to consciously induce the corresponding state of mind in others around him.

inducing mental states in other people.

It’s important to note that the change in mental state happens not by transmuting one thing into something entirely different but is merely a change in degree of the same thing. For instance, borrowing an analogy from the Physical Plane, it is impossible to change Heat into Smoothness, Loudness, Taste, Hardness, etc. However, it is possible to increase or decrease the degrees of heat.

Manifest from Mind

Cement your knowledge of polarity by creating the habit of flipping polarity.

See if you can spot negative mental states within yourself and counter those with the positive. Flood your mind with thoughts on the opposite side of the scale and you’ll slowly begin to shift your state.

Notice yourself complaining about a family member?

Flip the script and begin thinking about positive qualities in that person.

Soon, your mind will become accustomed to spotting and shifting polarity to the point where you can help lift others out of negative states of mind.

Since external outcomes arise from the mental and spiritual planes, the ability to shift mental states gives us access to power beyond anything seen in the physical world.

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