The Law of Mentalism: How to Unlock the Universal Mind

 The Universe is Mental – Held in the Mind of THE ALL


The law of mentalism is the first principle of the Hermetic Philosophy which arose out of ancient Egypt.

These hermetic philosophers believed that our universe is one of many, originating from an infinite source referred to as, THE ALL.

The law of mentalism is the first principle of the Hermetic Philosophy which arose out of ancient Egypt.

These hermetic philosophers believed that our universe is one of many, originating from an infinite source referred to as, THE ALL.

Ultimately, THE ALL is unknowable and beyond explanation.

However, there are certain truths connected with its existence that help us better navigate this world.

These characteristics, or principles, of THE ALL underlie all of the known universe.

In order to master these laws, we must first understand the mental nature of the universe.

Mentalism Video

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Characteristics of THE ALL

  • THE ALL is all that really exists. There is nothing existing outside of THE ALL, otherwise, it would cease being THE ALL.
  • THE ALL is infinite and eternal. THE ALL pervades all space and time; there has been nothing before or after THE ALL.
  • THE ALL is immutable (unchanging). It cannot be added to or subtracted from.

Since THE ALL is infinite, absolute, eternal, and unchangeable it must follow that anything finite, changeable, fleeting, and conditioned cannot be THE ALL.

Further, since there is nothing outside of THE ALL, then any and all finite things must not exist.

The Mental Universe

We come now to the question of, “what is the universe?”

the universe is mental

Since the universe is divided into many components and is constantly changing it does not seem to fit the description of THE ALL.

Our first thought, then, is that the Universe is nothing; it doesn’t exist. However, this answer is unsatisfactory since, from our personal experience, the Universe does in fact exist.

If the Universe is neither THE ALL, nor nothing, then how do we reconcile this dilemma?

If the Universe exists, or at least seems to exist, then it must have proceeded from THE ALL in some way.

The problem is, the Universe can’t be part of THE ALL, since, by the characteristics mentioned above, THE ALL cannot be subtracted from.

It turns out, we can predict the origin of the Universe by using the analogy of human creativity. This process of relating one aspect of life to another is known as the principle of correspondence.

How Humans Create

There are 3 ways in which humans create that can help us understand the genesis of the Universe.

Humans create by…

  1. Using external materials
  2. Procreation – transferring a part of themselves
  3. Mental creation

Since nothing exists outside of THE ALL, #1 will not suffice. Further, since THE ALL cannot subtract or transfer a portion of itself, #2 will also not suffice either.

What we’re left with then, is mental creation.

Similar to how humans create mental imagery, the universe is created in the MIND of THE ALL.

The Divine Paradox

From what we’ve discussed, it’s easy to conclude that life is only a dream; that all material existence is an illusion.

The hermetics very clearly warn against this conclusion…

Beware of Half-Truths. Beware of the Half-Wise

For those who conclude life is only a dream, it indeed becomes so; they stumble through this world as sleep-walkers; walking in circles, never making progress, and eventually being forced into awakening from the bruises accrued from falling over the Natural Laws they ignored.

Keep your mind on the stars but your eyes on your feet, lest you fall into the mire from your upward gaze.

Remember the divine paradox that the Universe does not exist (Objective) and yet does exist (Subjective) at the same time.

Yes, the world is objectively an illusion; a cosmic show. And yet, here we are subjectively experiencing it.

Most people spend their days completely opting out of the game of life; pretending that nothing exists and they get nowhere. While others spend their days slaving away in the material world with no understanding of the insignificance of their actions.

We cannot escape the physical world – we must learn to play in it.

Vibrational planes of existence depiction

Vibrational Planes of Existence

The Hermetics believe everything in the universe is vibrating.

They also state that certain rates of vibration can be categorized into different planes of existence.

There are 3 planes of existence defined by Hermetic teachings:

  • Physical Plane
  • Mental Plane
  • Spiritual Plane

The universe is actually a spectrum of varying vibrations rather than discrete levels so the term plane can be a bit misleading here.

Diagram of THE ALL creating multiple universes

In general, all matter, energy, and force are lumped into the physical plane while higher rates of vibration are categories as mind and spirit.

THE ALL can be said to have infinite vibration.

Creative Process of THE ALL

The creation of the universe begins with involution (outpouring) of material and energy. The outpouring is equivalent to what science refers to as the big bang, or singularity.

This is a phase when the ‘consciousness’ of the whole, with infinite vibration, lowers its vibration which eventually settles into unconscious, undifferentiated, gross matter.

Put another way, THE ALL loses itself  in the process of creating matter similar to an artist who gets fully immersed in their project.

the creative process

Then, there comes a pivotal point in which the pendulum switches directions and the gross matter begins a process of returning to THE ALL.

This is the evolutionary phase where all the units of matter begin to vibrate at higher rates (ascend) back to the infinite vibration of THE ALL.

The parts of the whole begin to become conscious of themselves once more like an artist who steps back from his painting to enjoy the creation.

Universal Laws – THE ALL Within

It would be odd if the characters created by Shakespear claimed, “I am Shakespeare!”

So it is the same when a human claims, “I am God.”

However, the creations of Shakespear surely reflect the characteristics of their creator.

This is also the case with the creations of THE ALL.

The planes of the Universe are not THE ALL but reflect characteristics of THE ALL.

These characteristics permeate every plane of existence; all physical phenomena act according to a set of universal laws reflected from THE ALL.

The universal laws, also known as the 7 Hermetic Principles, have been defined for centuries and continue to be revealed by modern science.

Symbol for mental alchemyMental Transmutation

Mental transmutation, also known as mental alchemy, is defined by the Hermetics as the practice of increasing or decreasing vibrational energy through the use of the previously-mentioned, universal laws.

Humans exist on the physical plane but it is believed we can access higher planes through mental transmutation.

Our imaginations give us access to the mental plane and it is only here where we truly control the physical world.

It’s interesting to note that most of the theory of relativity was created entirely in the mind of Einstein and yet these equations map precisely with physical phenomena.

As science progresses, more is known about the vibrational activity associated with the brain.

The energy emitted from a person in euphoria or deep peace is far different than someone in depression.

The Hermetics believe it is possible to consciously increase vibration of thought to counteract low moods. Further, the more you increase the vibration of thought the more access one gets to higher states of consciousness.

These higher states of consciousness provide access to information unperceived by the sense and allow an individual to master their own reality.

Purpose of Life

The Hermetics believe it’s the duty of all humans to actualize their potential.

This requires understanding and leveraging the universal laws to master our own realities.

We must use the higher planes of mind and spirit to turn undesirable circumstances on the physical plane into the desirable.

In other words, as budding units of consciousness, we must leverage the power of higher knowledge to shape the physical world and help the rest of the universe complete its upward ascent towards the infinite ALL.

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