Universal Law of Gender: The Masculine & Feminine Principles

In today’s world there is great debate around the term Gender.

Most would assume this is a new debate but is something talked about more than 6,000 years ago by ancient philosophers known as, The Hermetics.

The 7th Hermetic Principle, the Law of Gender, states that Masculine and Feminine energies underlie all Universal phenomena. The Feminine pole of existence represents a creative force while the Masculine principle is representative of Divine Will.

Gender operates on all Planes of Existence (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual) and is the basis of psychic phenomena such as Telepathy, Mental Influence, and Personal Magnetism (Charisma).

The Hermetics encourage proper understanding of Gender so that the student can master both Masculine and Feminine aspects of their mind. With practice, this mastery will build a psychic magnetism in the individual which will allow them to willfully create on the Mental and Physical Planes.

Gender vs. Sex

Is Gender the Same as Sex?

It is important not to confuse the term Gender with that of Sex.

Gender is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce.” Sex, on the other hand, more exclusively refers to the biological distinction between Male and Female.

The term, Gender, is solely concerned with the act of creation. Sex is a manifestation of Gender on the physical plane but so is the creation of atoms and electricity as you’ll see in the next section.

The Science of Gender

Even science is beginning to recognize a principle of Gender underlying all physical phenomena. 

Take the formation of an atom for example. The creation of an atom is due to a clustering of positive and negatively charged corpuscles (nucleus and electrons).

Attractive forces from the positively charged nucleus exert a certain influence on negative ions which causes them to form combinations, resulting in an atom.

The Hermetic teachings relate the positive charge with Masculine energy and the negative charge to Feminine energy, in the case of electrical activity.

Note that the term, Negative, can easily be confused with meaning, “weak or unreal.” However, this is far from the case with electrical phenomena.

The negative pole is where all production of energy is manifested. In the case of a battery, electrical forces travel from the negative pole to the positive.

For this reason, scientists have commonly used the term ‘Cathode’ in place of Negative — The word Cathode is derived from the Greek root meaning “descent; the path of generation.”

So in this case, the Hermetics are justified in using Feminine in place of Negative in speaking of the pole of activity.

Will & Creation

Using the above mentioned theory of an atom we can infer correspondence to all other forms of natural phenomena since an atom is the base-unit of all Matter.

All objects/entities in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms have one part Feminine and one part Masculine.

The Masculine aspect can be seen as directing an energy/attractive force towards that of the Feminine, putting into effect the creative process.

Without the Feminine principle, the Masculine would not be able to create, and without the Masculine principle, the Feminine would have no intention directing its creation.

the duality of mind

Mental Gender & The Duality of Mind

Modern Psychologists have stated there is a certain duality of human nature. This seems to go hand-in-hand with the Hermetic conception of Gender.

Within the human brain there seems to be a “dual mind” — objective and subjective mind — conscious and subconscious — voluntary and involuntary.

In the case of the psyche, The Masculine Principle corresponds to the Objective/Conscious/Active Mind while The Feminine Principle corresponds to that of the Subjective/Subconscious/Passive Mind.

Mental Twins of Consciousness

Look deep within your own mind in order to find what you consider Self. You may find that the conscious reports it’s existence through the feeling of “I Am”.

Look even further and you might see that the “I Am” has two parts, or aspects, to it. These two parts could be defined as ‘Me’ and ‘I’.

Let’s begin with a consideration of ‘Me’ which is commonly mistaken for ‘I’.

Most people think of themselves as their ‘Me’ which is composed of all feelings, moods, likes, dislikes, habits, characteristics, and all other aspects that compose personality.

The ‘Me’ is subject to Polarity and Rhythm which can easily swing a person from one extreme of mental state to another.

The ‘Me’ also consists of what we know as our body and its carnal appetites.

Most peoples’ consciousness is bound by their conception of ‘Me’. To these individuals, it is inconceivable that any Self could exist outside of the body or mental phenomena.

But, as a man rises in consciousness he’s able to lay aside the body and thoughts into the category, things arising from Self but not truly ‘himself’.

Once the ‘Me’ is laid aside, the student can then see that there exists an ‘I’.

The ‘I’ is a presence that doesn’t generate thoughts but simply observes the mental creations of the mind as they arise. This aspect of the mind also is what provides intention for the creative energies of the ‘Me’.

In the case of Hermeticism, the ‘I’ is seen as The Masculine Principle and the ‘Me’ is the creative, Feminine Principle — the ‘Me’ creates and the ‘I’ wills.

Psychic Magnetism

The Principle of Gender is the basis for all acts of mental influence.

By nature, the Masculine is a giving energy while the Feminine receives — the Masculine contents itself with the work of the ‘Will’ while the Feminine generates new thoughts, concepts, ideas, and imaginative processes.

The Masculine aspect of mind in most people is weak — their faculty of will power is underdeveloped. They are able to generate ideas from the Feminine but these ideas are impressed upon them from outside influences (environment and the Wills of others).

The vibratory nature of the Masculine Principle is projected out towards the Feminine Principle of another. The latter takes the seed of thought and allows it to germinate through the faculties of their ‘Me’.

Ideally, the Masculine and Feminine aspects of mind work in unison but as mentioned, the Masculine Principle in most people lies dormant. These people lack mental will power and consequently, are entirely ruled by others who do their willing and thinking for them.

Therefore, to develop mental influence, the modern man and women will likely have to improve the strength of their Masculine Energy.

The first step is to realize that you are more than just sense perceptions, a body, and mental activity. Most people are unable to see this and are destined to live lives of passivity. With this realization, you’ll find there is a duality of mind — a ‘Me’ and an ‘I’.

The next step is to simply train your power of will through habitual action.

All great figures throughout history (Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Jesus) had highly developed Masculine Principles. This allowed each to change the fate of humanity by impressing the world with their ideas… will you be the next?

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