The Law of Correspondence: Hidden Patterns of the Universe

Imagine having the power to predict the future.

In a sense, this is possible.

Underlying all natural phenomena are patterns of behavior — Universal Laws that govern every level of existence, big and small.

Ancient philosophers, known as the Hermetics, discovered that there is a relation between everything in the known Universe and labeled this principle the law of correspondence.

The law of correspondence states that there is harmony, agreement, relation, and correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life — patterns that exist in the micro exist in the macro — patterns that exist in the physical world also exist in the spiritual plane.

Correspondence was one of the Hermetics most favored laws for predicting unknown phenomena. Despite existing 6,000+ years ago the Hermetics still managed to predict scientific discoveries that are happening today in the field of quantum physics.

Master the second Hermetic principle of correspondence and you’ll have predictive powers unseen by the likes of most ordinary men.

Law of Correspondence Video

Prefer to watch a video on this topic? I’ve linked that here. Otherwise, the rest of the article is written below.

Planes of Existence

Since the material, mental, and spiritual planes emanate from a single source, THE ALL, characteristics of THE ALL reflect equally among each.

The Hermetics divide the Universe into Three Great Planes of existence:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

However, the divisions are merely artificial and arbitrary. All Three Great Planes are but ascending degrees of the same thing. The lowest point being undifferentiated Matter and the highest being Spirit.

Most people assume a plane is a flat surface but the planes of existence go beyond normal dimensions of space such as length, breadth, and height. In fact, the planes are differentiated by a different dimension, vibration.

The law of vibration states that all things are in motion — everything vibrates. By correspondence, this is also true for the various planes.

In this case then, the planes only differ in their rate of vibration. The terms ‘Physical’, ‘Mental’, and ‘Spiritual’ are arbitrary divisions to indicate groups of certain rates of vibration.

Seven Minor Planes of Existence

Each Great Plane of existence is also sub-divided into 7 minor planes which are also divided into 7 sub-divisions.

Once again though, these are only arbitrary labels so we won’t spend too much time on each. However, we will quickly describe the 7 planes of existence comprising each Great Plane.

ancient depiction of the 7 planes of existence

The Great Physical Plane

The physical plane consists of all Matter, Energy, and Force.

As proven by Einstein’s equation (E=mc^2), Matter and Energy can be converted into one another, so Matter is merely Energy at a low vibration.

I’ve listed the 7 minor planes below:

  1. The Plane of Matter (A)
  2. The Plane of Matter (B)
  3. The Plane of Matter (C)
  4. The Plane of Ethereal Substance
  5. The Plane of Energy (A)
  6. The Plane of Energy (B)
  7. The Plane of Energy (C) 

Let’s take a look at what each sub-division entails.

The Plane of Matter (A): liquids, solids, gases

The Plane of Matter (B): certain higher and more subtle forms of matter of which modern science is now discovering (i.e. radiant matter).

The Plane of Matter (C): Comprised of the most subtle and tenuous Matter, the existence of which is not suspected by ordinary scientists.

The Plane of Ethereal Substance: A substance of extreme tenuity and elasticity, pervading all Universal Space, and acting as a medium for the transmission of waves of energy, such as light, heat, electricity, etc. Serves as a connecting link between matter and energy. Takes on characteristics of both.

The Plane of Energy (A): Ordinary forms of energy known to science: heat, light, magnetism, electricity, and attraction (Gravitational, Cohesion, Chemical Affinity, etc.)

The Plane of Energy (B): Not yet discovered by science.

The Plane of Energy (C): Bears many of the characteristics of “life”, but which is not recognized by the minds of men. Divine power. The beings employing divine power are considered gods to men. 

The Great Mental Plane

The mental plane and its various divisions consist of all mental phenomena that occurs within the Universal Mind.

The subdivisions are as follows:

  1. The Plane of Mineral Mind
  2. The Plane of Elemental Mind (A)
  3. The Plane of Plant Mind
  4. The Plane of Elemental Mind (B)
  5. The Plane of Animal Mind
  6. The Plane of Elemental Mind (C)
  7. The Plane of Human Mind 

Each mental plane consists of ‘states and conditions’ of the units or entities that animates the physical forms. These entities should not be confused with the molecules, atoms, and corpuscles themselves which are only the material forms of these entities — just as a man’s body is his material form and not “himself.”

The mental planes animate Matter in particular harmonies on the physical plane — some would refer to the mental planes as souls.

For example, the Plane of the Mineral Mind is essentially the driving force behind mineral and chemical harmonies (attractions, repulsions, cohesion, etc.). 

The pattern repeats itself in higher-developed life-forms such as Plants, Animals, and Humans. Some scientific minds would even go as far as to say that the desire/will/emotions/feelings of atoms vary only in degree to that of humans.

The Elemental Planes are “states and conditions” that affect harmonies between each Kingdom of existence. 

For example, The Plane of Elemental Mind (A) is composed of the various patterns/forces that guide the way in which minerals and plants interact with one another. The same applies to the Elemental Planes B & C which connect plants to animals and animal to humans (respectively).

Elemental Planes are like the black keys on a piano. Although the white keys are sufficient to play music, there are certain melodies, scales, and harmonies in which the black keys are necessary.

Lastly, it’s important to restate that each one of these 7 minor planes is also divided into 7 additional sub-planes. We won’t go into detail on each one of these for the sake of simplicity but it’s interesting to note that humanity mostly exists on the 4th sub-plane of Human Mind.

However, throughout history, there have been individuals who have ascended to the 5th, 6th, and 7th level of The Plane of Human Mind. These people become figures of legend such as the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Einstein, and Leonardo Da Vinci (just to name a few).

It has taken 100s of thousands of years of human spiritual development to reach the 4th Plane of Human Mind and will likely take many many more to ascend, as a whole, to the 5th, 6th, and 7th subdivisions.

The Great Spiritual Plane

The spiritual world is completely unknown to us since humans have not yet ascended to higher mental planes. 

All we can do is use the law of correspondence to make assumptions about the entities that exist within The Great Spiritual Plane.

To the entities on the spiritual dimension, we are like minerals and chemicals — seemingly unconscious.

Yet, spiritual states still do manifest in the physical world. The creative energy of spirit is incomprehensible to humans so it is usually referenced with words such as Divine Grace and Retribution in the great myths of humanity.

The spiritual realm contains entities which we’d call angels, archangels, demigods, and gods — their powers go far beyond human conception.

However, even the entities on the spiritual plane come from THE ALL, so just as humans are, they too are subject to its Laws.

Harmony of Laws

The 7 Hermetic Laws of the Universe affect the Spiritual Plane just as they affect the Mental and Physical Planes since all are held in the Mind of THE ALL.

For example, vibration exist on all levels. In fact, the very thing differentiating each plane are their degrees of vibration. Polarity, as well, manifests on each plane; matter, energy, and spirit seem to be opposites but are part of one greater whole. 

Like the rise and fall of ocean waves on the physical plane the Mental and Spiritual realms have their own ebb and flow of phenomena (Law of Rhythm).

Correspondence exists between all 7 laws and all 3 Great Planes.

Live the Natural Laws

The universal principle of correspondence is the glue that ties all Hermetic Laws together.

For this reason, it’s the first law addressed in the Hermetic teaching of the Kybalion.

As you continue your study of universal laws, keep in mind the relation between each one.

Go about your daily life and look for examples of each law in the physical phenomena around you. Take this to the next level and see if you can extrapolate physical occurrence across multiple disciplines. See what you can learn about the Mental Plane through your engagement with the physical world.

Knowledge of underlying universal patterns allows you to quickly understand unknown phenomena that the majority of humans are blind too.

Practice the art of correspondence and you will become one of the few innovative geniuses of your time.

Until next time,


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